♕ The Daenerys Fan Challenge: Day 4; Favourite Color

Blue was the color of royalty in Khal Drogo’s khalasar. It was the color of the expensive dye which they adorned themselves with, more so on special occasions such as Drogo’s wedding. […] Thus, while in Season 3 Daenerys no longer wears a Dothraki-style “cut” to her outfit, she switched to blue colors as a symbol of her authority as a Khaleesi and in memory of Drogo." (x)

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Korra in The Coronation

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Whenever I watch this scene, I can’t help but get absolute chills. Katara’s realizing in that moment that Aang is the one that she’s going to love and to marry one day. She’s realizing that the tug in her chest when she sees him isn’t just the joy that he’s the Avatar and that he’s brought hope back to the world, it’s a very carefully kindling love that’s forming inside of her for him. She’s realizing that when her grandmother said that their paths were intertwined, the words meant more than just helping Aang with his training to end the war. There was an underlining meaning that was untold before this moment. And this is when the internal struggle between what is supposedly destined and what she wants begins. She knows that her protectiveness over him is more than just trying to keep him alive for the sake of the world but also because she’d be lost without him. It pulls at her mind, tears at her emotions and confuses her logic. He’s no longer, “a sweet little guy, just like Momo.” He’s going to be her entire future. 

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Sansa slipped in among them, murmuring greetings as she worked her way toward the front. She recognized black-skinned Jalabhar Xho, gloomy Ser Aron Santagar, the Redwyne twins Horror and Slobber… only none of them seemed to recognize her. Or if they did, they shied away as if she had the grey plague. Sickly Lord Gyles covered his face at her approach and feigned a fit of coughing, and when funny drunken Ser Dontos started to hail her, Ser Balon Swann whispered in his ear and he turned away.
And so many others were missing. Where had the rest of them gone? Sansa wondered. Vainly, she searched for friendly faces. Not one of them would meet her eyes. It was as if she had become a ghost, dead before her time.

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strong women of atla and lok. insp

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Not a process but just wanted to show what it looked like before all the extra stuff. Getting better at poses though :p

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The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim as a tv show

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gif meme | thorloptrs requested: thor + 13 (hair porn)

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